Chat Features

To start chat there are three options:

  • Navigate to "Chat" in the left hand menu, then click on the person to initialize a new chat
  • Click on any avatar to bring up the global chat (see picture)
  • Just sit back and wait - when someone initializes a chat with you, then their avatar will pop up in the lower right hand corner


Overall Chat operates with some differences than when working on Feed.  In Chat you can not mention Users/Groups/Projects/Clients to share with them.  Also, within the context of Chat is not the intended location to share documents and pictures.  However, we do offer an inline player for both Vimeo and YouTube videos.  

We also have a few more features to improve your experience.  We have added a notification beep if you for some reason wander away from your 4th Office tab in your browser.  This will also trigger a small blue notification with the number of new comments within chat in your left hand menu (similar to Inbox notifications).  Also, as you counterpart types you will see an animation to let you know they are responding, we call this chatbeat monitor.  

Finally, you can either minimize or close a chat by navigating to the upper right hand corner of the pop up chat window.  



If your community has quite a few 4th Office users (and we hope you do!) then you might have a need to whittle down the list of user by typing their name into the search box.  Once done, just left click on the user to start a new chat.  



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