Troubleshooting 4th Office Edit


There are a few common problems that users experience during the installation of 4th Office Edit.  This guide is here to walk you through some of the most common problems, if you still can't solve the problem then please contact support by clicking the green "?" in the lower right hand corner or by emailing

1.  You are installing two items - a small application around 2 MB and an extension for your browser.  Make sure that your browser has an extension named "4th Office Edit" and that it is enabled.  

After installation, if your browser asks you to "open up where you left off" then click "no."  Opening up where you left off opens a cached version of the webpages, meaning that 4th Office will still think you don't have 4th Office Edit installed.  If you do start back up, don't fret simply hit "Shift + Reload" or "F5" to refresh the page.  

2.  We now have a feature on 4th Office Edit where you can manually clear the cache.  This is a good solution to use if you have 4th Office installed (visible in top bar) and the extension on your browser is working, but you are still being prompted to install the program.  Instead of reinstalling just go to the top bar click the icon (select the gear on Mac, right click on PC), and then select "Clear cache and quit."


This solution is particularly useful when a document is stuck in "limbo" meaning that it hasn't been uploaded to the cloud yet.  Sometimes if you lose power or exit without letting the document upload, then this will cause a document to get stuck in "limbo."

Just make sure to open navigate to the 4th Office Edit application and relaunch it.  

3. Your computer has a Firewall enabled that is preventing you from installing the application.  You can either - "allow 4th Office Edit", or temporarily disable Firewall to circumnavigate this issue. 



4.  Anti-virus program detects as threat 


Before getting started ESET Nod32 attempts to prevent the installation of what they call Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA).  

From their site:

"For this reason, ESET assigns such (PUAs) a lower-risk category compared to other types of malicious software, such as trojan horses or worms."

Disable PUA: (ESET 6+)

1.  Launch ESET Nod32

2.  Click F5 (or Setup > Advanced setup)

3.  Click Computer > Antivirus and antispyware 

4.  Deselect "Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications"

For Version 5:

For Version 4:


If you have 4th Office Edit installed alongside ESET Nod32 you may be greeted with a popup something similar to this on start up.

You should select "No action" as this is a tool used by 4th Office Edit to communicate with your browser.   However, if you do select "Clean" don't fret we can easily fix the issue with the following steps.

A.  After either the "First Scan" or a "Smart Scan" you'll get something that looks like this:

Note: the browser plugin is located in a file named as following. 

Chrome:  C:\Users\<your user name here>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\System Profile\Extension\ 

Firefox:  C:\Users\<your user name here>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles


B.  Launch ESET NOD32.  Navigate to "Tools" then "Quarantine."

C.  Select all the found files that match the aforementioned file location.  If you are unsure then you should take a screenshot and send to  Once selected RIGHT CLICK and select "restore and exclude from scanning."  

D.  Restart you computer.  

E.  Try again on 4th Office. 

Zone Alert

A. Start the ZA console page and navigate to Firewall tab and click on ‘XX programs secured’

B. Find 4th Office Edit in the list (4th Office Edit must be running to appear there) and set up the following parameters:

Smart Defense: Custom
Trust Level: Super
All Outbound/Inbound settings: Allow (green)

C. Confirm with OK button bottom right
D. Now go back to the console page and select ‘View zones’ 

E. Select Advanced tab on the left 

F. Un-tick (=do not select) ‘Enable IPV6 networking’

G. Press OK and ZoneAlarm will ask for your Windows to be restarted in order for settings to take affect
H. Restart Windows
I. Try 4th Office Edit – should be working fine now.


To enable a blocked item in SOPHOS simply follow the instructions from their website:


Note: other anti-virus programs that may detect 4th Office Edit as dangerous include AVware, DrWeb, GData, NANO-Anitvirus and VIPRE.  Our tool uses the CrossRider framework which enables the tool to interact with your browser but this is not a virus or trojan.  It is simply marked that it MAY be an unwanted or a suspicious program. "May" being the operative word.  Please contact support with any concerns or questions regarding installation.  


5.  If you are a Chrome user then you should be aware that your browser extensions are tied to the account that you are signed in under.  If someone has logged you out of your Chrome session, then click on the three horizontal lines > Settings, then under People you can remove a user.  See picture.  Alternatively, you can enable the browser extension for each user.  


6.  Another known issue that users may experience with 4th Office Edit is that the application is not properly detected while using incognito mode in Chrome.  To solve this you must enable extensions while using incognito mode by going to Settings > Extensions > check "Allow in incognito."  See picture.



Reinstalling 4th Office Edit

If you are unable to get 4th Office Edit working after going through our troubleshooting guide, then the next best option may be to uninstall and then reinstall.  

1.  We will delete the old application to ensure there are no conflicts with our new 4O Edit.  In order to do this navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program.  We will start fresh so delete any version of BCS Edit or 4O Edit that you have on your computer.

2.  Now that we have removed ALL older versions of the application, we will double check that our current browser is set as default (do not skip this step).  Navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Set Your Default Programs > Internet Explorer / Chrome / Firefox

3. Now you can follow the instructions here to reinstall. 


Please do not hesitate to contact customer support at any time by clicking on the "?" in the lower right hand corner of 4th Office.  

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