Release 4.3

4th Office - Release 4.3 

The primary purpose of this release is to improve the look and functionality of both documents and pictures within 4th Office. These improvements come in three main areas - a new cleaner document view, improvements to Documents, and improved thumbnail rendering within the Feed.   


New Document View

The new document view is a major improvement both in terms of functionality and look. Right off the bat you’ll see that pictures and documents are front and center – as they should be!

What might not be as obvious is that the image/document that you are currently viewing is highlighted in green on the right hand side.

You’ll also notice a much, much, much cleaner look. We’ve grouped many of the lesser-used features under “…More” while at the same time making them more intuitive to use. For example changing the name of a file simply slides the image down while you edit, then neatly tucks back away when you’re done.


Improved Documents

The biggest change here is that ALL documents will be displayed within your Document view not just your standalone documents.   So whether a document is mentioned in a comment, added as a standalone documents, or uploaded to your Documents – it will show up in your Document view. No more searching through your comments!

Also, we’ve cleaned up the document categories so the columns maintain a uniform look.

You may have noticed a new category “Discussion title” which you can now sort by, in order to find all documents contained within a single thread.


Feed Collage

We have added a nifty collage tool when you upload multiple documents. Now these will be displayed in our new collage view layout giving you better access to your documents.


Improved Evernote Integration 

With our improved implementation of photos in the Feed, we have also added Evernote photos being shown directly from the Feed. You no longer have to open Evernote in a separate window to see your Evernote pictures.


And as usual we have made a bunch of bug fixes – too many to count!


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