the 4th Office - Release Notes

Welcome to the 4th Office!

Simplicity is the name of the game, especially when you need to work hard and need to keep things intuitive.

The 4th Office is designed to be a powerhouse of functionality, but maintain an easy to use navigation, and intuitive design.

In order to make the 4th Office 'your own', the following customisations have been focussed on, so when you work in the 4th Office, you're working in your office.



One of the first things you will notice is the new Navigation.  The look and feel has been improved significantly, and we know you'll love the way business and productivity increases.

The Navigation dashboard allows you to see at a glance, your InBox discussions, your Feed additions, your Tasks and the number of Documents you have in your Drive.

Clicking on any of the status circles will take you to the relevant area where you can interact with the content, reply to colleagues or clients, or add updates to your workstreams.



Favourites allow you to 'pin' Groups, Projects, Clients or even Colleagues to your left hand navigation.  This is especially useful if you regularly work on a specific project, or deal with a particular client or colleague.  Once pinned, a heart will show when you hover over the item.  To 'unpin', simply select the heart and the item will be removed from your navigation bar.


Groups, Clients and Projects view:

Like the new navigation dashboard, the Groups, Clients and Project views support their own dashboards.  These allow you to see the dashboard information relating to specific work streams within your 4th Office.

The lists are sorted by default in the order of use (most used first).  The Tiles view allows you to display the information in column form.


Within any Group view, Client view or Project view, you are presented with an overview of the content associated with it, and the ability to select any one of the sections to drill down into the streams/details.


Personal Profile:

Another strong feature of the 4th Office is the Profile page.  On this page you can review and edit all your personal information, which allows you and others to communicate with you better.


Within the personal profile page, you can see which Groups and Workstreams you belong to.  To make changes to your profile details, you simply select the "Settings" option in the navigation panel, and enter your additions/changes.


Quick Tip:

At any point, you can press on the 'number' to the right of the "My Desk" to go straight to your InBox.  If no number is displayed, this is simply because you have no messages currently waiting for you!


Customisable branding:

To help you differentiate your Desktop, Groups, Projects and Clients; the 4th Office encourages you to brand them how you like.  This simple design feature ensures you can give your projects or clients a look and feel that sets the tone, mood and attention to detail you and your teams would expect.


Tiled appearance of Feed:

In order to visually separate Feed items, we have tiled the discussions together, so you will see entire conversations encapsulated onto 'tablets'.  Within these tiles you can quickly see who is contributing to the discussions, and which Groups have been copied.  All attachments are maintained within the tile, and the ability to set Tasks against users, or actions against items is simple to manage.


Create Discussions, Tasks or eMails quickly and efficiently:

The Feed is where most of the discussion takes place, and as such, being able to quickly an efficiently create posts or other actions is paramount.  The 4th Office makes creating discussion easy.  A simple click on the 'Post', 'Task' or 'eMail' buttons is all you need to get the conversation started.

Using the power of the '@' symbol, you add as many users into the discussion, or assign a Task to the right set of people.


Follow what you need, when you need it:

With many teams working together or on different projects, information and discussion will accumulate rapidly.  Unlike eMail where you are 'carpet bombed' by anything and everything, the 4th Office encourages you to follow and unfollow projects, threads or discussions, to ensure you only need to focus or worry about what's relevant to you.

By setting 'Follow sliders' within each Group, Project or Client environment, only information relating to those projects will be sent to your InBox or Feed.  You can refine the amount of information you receive too, so you only get what you want.


A single place for all context related actions:

Sharing information is essential when working together, and the 4th Office gives you full control over Project essentials.


Unified settings:

Everything you need is contained in the 'Settings' menu.  From your personal details, to the Community/Company details (for Community Administrators).  Additional settings include Login details (via Google, Facebook, Windows Live, LinkedIn and eMail) to integrated Apps (like DropBox, GoogleDrive and Evernote).

For users who become proficient with the branding of their 4th Office, there is also the ability to customise the left hand menu items in the navigation bar, ensuring you only see/use what's important to you and your teams.

Tip: Changes made to the Settings are immediate/instant.  If a mistake is made, you will need to re-enter the details as there is no 'Undo' or 'Cancel'


Filtering options for Lists and Dashboards:

Search and Filter are powerful features within the 4th Office, and they work intuitively. When selecting the filter box, the 4th Office will provide information it thinks you may be interested in, or when you begin typing, it will quickly display options based on your query.


 eMail in:

Whilst one of the most frustrating things in life is managing the millions of emails that flood your mailbox, we understand and accept that email plays an important part in life.

The 4th Office makes email sensible.  It allows you to add only what's important to doing business, and you ignore the rest, so colleagues, clients and you yourself know that what's included, is important (and relevant!).

In order to add emails directly to your 4th Office InBox and Feed, you must create an 'email-in' address.  This is the mail account you send/forward messages to, for them to be added to your Groups, Projects and/or Workstreams.


Creating an eMail from within the 'Feed':

Sending emails to external individuals is important when you're working on projects or business deals.  The 4th Office will send emails directly, and save the email to the relevant Feed, so you maintain an audit trail.  What's equally advantageous, is that any replies come straight into your InBox/Feed within the 4th Office, so you keep all eMail traffic in the location it's needed.  This way, all Workstream members have equal transparency, and all can see the communications shared internally/externally.


Replying to an eMail directly from the 'Feed':

As well as creating eMail messages from your Feed, the 4th Office allows you to reply to messages received.  Your replies can go to users internally as well as externally, and can contain attachments as well as body text.

Keeping eMails contained within your Feed serves a number of purposes as well as advantages:

  • eMails are transparent, so all group members can see the communications that have passed back and forth.
  • Users don't need to log into any Exchange or Web based eMail service to read/reply, it's all in the relevant Feed, and an audit trail is easy.
  • Attachments are stored in your 'Drive' and as such contained within your work stream for all to reference/edit/act upon.



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