Navigating around the 4th Office

Welcome to the new look 4th Office.

One of the first things you will notice is the new Navigation.  The look and feel has been improved significantly, and we know you'll love the way business and productivity increases.

The Navigation dashboard allows you to see at a glance, your InBox discussions, your Feed additions, your Tasks and the number of Documents you have in your Drive.

Clicking on any of the status circles will take you to the relevant area where you can interact with the content, reply to colleagues or clients, or add updates to your workstreams.


Favourites allow you to 'pin' Groups, Projects, Clients or even Colleagues to your left hand navigation.  This is especially useful if you regularly work on a specific project, or deal with a particular client or colleague.  Once pinned, a heart will show when you hover over the item.  To 'unpin', simply select the heart and the item will be removed from your navigation bar.

Groups, Clients and Projects view:

Like the new navigation dashboard, the Groups, Clients and Project views support their own dashboards.  These allow you to see the dashboard information relating to specific work streams within your 4th Office.

The lists are sorted by default in the order of use (most used first).  The Tiles view allows you to display the information in column form.


Within any Group view, Client view or Project view, you are presented with an overview of the content associated with it, and the ability to select any one of the sections to drill down into the streams/details.


Personal Profile:

Another strong feature of the 4th Office is the Profile page.  On this page you can review and edit all your personal information, which allows you and others to communicate with you better.

Within the personal profile page, you can see which Groups and Workstreams you belong to.  To make changes to your profile details, you simply select the "Settings" option in the navigation panel, and enter your additions/changes.

Quick Tip:

At any point, you can press on the 'number' to the right of the "My Desk" to go straight to your InBox.  If no number is displayed, this is simply because you have no messages currently waiting for you!

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