Welcome to the 4th Office

Wednesday November 4th saw BCSocial transform to the 4th Office.

This article explains the change in more detail and what it means to you as an end user. Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a line: support@bcsocial.com


Why the change?

Over the past 3 years, as BCSocial has matured, we've grown our fantastic customer base and continued to learn what people love about the service and the positive effect it has had on the way they are able to manage their business.

It's now clear to us that we have a platform which is a huge breakthrough in cloud based working. It's a destination for teams to go to where they can simulate a working environment which is as close as possible to being in the same office – without the need to be in the same office.

Our full name, Business Connect Social, is no longer the right way to represent the experience we deliver. Our new name represents the next step in the journey of how we all work and interact with each other. First we worked in the traditional office, then at home and then cafes. But along the way we found culture and control came unstuck. Today we can work better together in the 4th Office – a virtual place spanning work, home and anywhere else where everybody comes together to get stuff done.



More than just a name change

Just as our name has evolved, so too will the product. Initially you’ll see a cleaner, clearer new interface, as well as a much more intuitive left navigation which will allow you to pin your favourite projects, groups and customers. That’s just the start. Over the coming months we’ll be rolling out brand new features like real time voice and video calling, as well as introducing tighter integration with email and expanding the number of other applications we can connect to.

When is the change happening?

We’ll start introducing the new interface to users from the 20th October onwards, and your company will get further communications closer to the time with an exact release date.

How will the change happen?

Access to the 4th Office will be through https://www.4thoffice.com. On the day that you are migrated, if you visit https://www.bcsocial.com you will be redirected to the new site where you can log in with your existing BCSocial username and password. Everything else, such as email in addresses and integrations, will continue to function normally. We’ve also prepared a detailed FAQ for more information.


Migration & access

  • Q: How do I log into the 4th Office?
  • A: Our new address will be https://www.4thoffice.com. Don’t worry, if you access https://www.bcsocial.com we’ll direct you to our new log in page automatically. If you currently use the Keep me logged in option, you will be logged straight into the new app.
  • Q: Will I be able to login using the username & password that I used for BCSocial?
  • A: Yes, you will be able to use your existing credentials.
  • Q: I log into BCSocial using my Google/LinkedIn/Facebook account. Can I still use these?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: Will any users with pending invites join the new application without interruption?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: If I have a customised login page and address will this still work?
  • A: Yes they will, however on accessing them you will be forwarded to your customised log in page on the 4thOffice.com domain.

Product changes

  • Q: What in the product will change?
  • A: The product will change in terms of both design and features. At a glance you will see that some of the navigation options, profile pages and the sidebar has changed. As with all releases, we will publish more detailed notes on the changes the day they go live.
  • Q: Will I still get email notifications to make sure I stay on track?
  • A: Yes. They will now be delivered from the new 4thOffice.com domain, so if you have any email rules setup to manage them these may need adjusting. We’ve also introduced a more intuitive way to adjust your email notifications. Your existing settings will be mapped to the new ones, however you may still want to tweak them after you’re migrated.
  • Q: Will the integrations we have with Dropbox, Google Drive, Zendesk, Pipedrive or Evernote still work ?
  • A: Yes

Please note that with Evernote, there will be a new tag ‘4thOffice’ to start a sync process. ‘BCSocial’ will also still work, and any existing notes will remain synced.

If you have Dropbox synced, your Apps > BCSocial folder will remain the same and will not be renamed. If you have Google Drive integration your folder with be renamed to 4th Office.

Any custom integrations you have will also still work.

  • Q: Can we continue to use the old BCSocial interface?
  • A: The interface is part of a platform wide release, and as such all users will be migrated to the new interface. We’re confident you’ll love the tweaks we’ve made, and we will of course continue to listen to feedback and constantly strive to deliver the best possible experience for you. 
  • Q:Will any of my groups, projects or customers change?
  • A:The only change will be cosmetic ones. The structure, permissions and contents of groups, projects and customers will not change.
  • Q: I have community, group, project or customer branding set up. Will this be impacted?
  • A: All custom branding changes will be retained in the 4th Office changes.
  • Q: I have plain branding currently - what will change?
  • A: We’re treating you to a lovely new background image! This can be changed should you desire.

Company & data information

  • Q: Is the 4th Office a new or different company to BCSocial?
  • A: No we’re still the same company, It’s simply a change of name.
  • Q: Is my contract or pricing impacted in anyway?
  • A: No. Your pricing remains the same and your contract is still with the same parent company, Marg UK.
  • Q: Does this name change represent a change in company direction?
  • A: The change represents the beginning of a new chapter of focus for our business. It’s still the same great application, with the same great team delivering it, but we now expect to make even bigger strides forwards in terms of delivering functionality and improving the user experience. We have also recently secured another round of funding to further invest into the business, and more detail on this will released in November.


  • Q: I have pending BCSocial support ticket. Will the change affect this in any way?
  • A: No. Your reports will be resolved as expected.
  • Q: Will the support link and email change?
  • A: Yes the new support addresses are: - help centre: support.4thoffice.com - email: support@4thoffice.com
  • Q: Will the old support link and email still work?
  • A: Yes, it will be automatically redirected for 3 months.Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a line: support@bcsocial.com
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