Release 3.6.5

As we turn our backs on Summer, we look towards a new release of BCSocial.  As ever, we have focussed on making the platform stronger and more resilient, and have even added a new feature for Mac users - the BCS Edit tool - read more about it below.!

New Stuff:

  • BCS Edit for Mac.  This amazing little tool enables you to open, edit, and save documents directly back to BCSocial. No more pesky download/upload; with a single click you can now work on any document or file your computer knows how to edit.  Another great feature of this little widget is it version controls the edits, so once you finish editing your document and save it, it will upload back to your Drive, and increase the version number - gotta love that little assist!  Learn More >

  • Manually locking a document you're editing: We have tidied up the user experience here, and instead of locking the document by default, it remains unlocked unless you manually lock it.  This makes the open/save editing process quicker.


Improved Stuff:

  • Email in facility.  Keeping everything within the BC Social environment is critical for projects, groups, teams or businesses alike, and being able to add specific emails to your 'Feed' is ideal.
  • By using the refined 'email in' facility, you are able to import specific emails from your external email clients, and reference them along with all the other information you require.  It's highly efficient, and allows full transparency of eMails, so everyone who needs to see them, can do.  It also saves you having to create (and remember) eMail distribution groups etc., as you have all the mail messages relative to your projects in the right place.  Learn more >


  • Adding documents to the Drive.  A truly powerful feature of BC Social is its ability to import documents from other apps.  We have made the importing of documents from DropBox and GoogleDrive more efficient.  Worthy of note, and as stated, this enhancement 'imports' the documents (not links), so you have a copy of the copy of the document within your BC Social environment.
  • You can still edit the document directly using the BCS Edit tool, and your changes will remain within the BC Social platform, and be version controlled.  In the case of Google Docs, it is important to note that this import feature will turn your document from a Google Docs file into the associated Office file (Word file to .docx, Excel file to .xls etc).  Linking is still possible in the manner previously introduced (and your native Google Docs document remains unaffected) - the great thing about this new import feature is you gain a workable copy, in an Office format, within BC Social, that can be added as document along with all your others within your 'Drive'!  Learn more >


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