Release 3.5.1 20/05/2014

New Stuff

Although this is a minor release our developers were actually kind enough to include some new stuff and not spend all their time bug fixing..

  • Groups, Projects and Customers all now have an email-in address. Even funkier is that you can pick an easy to remember name, rather than Although lots of you asked for this, there was only one man persistent enough to make it happen. He doesn't want to be identified so we'll just call him 'David'. Thank you for showing us the way.  Click here to learn more.

  • You can now press K on your keyboard when in the inbox to 'Okay' an unread post. Using a combination of the down arrow and K you'll fly through your messages in no time. That letter again, K.
  • More Okay madness; we introduced this funky little arrow which will give you the option to add a personal task to the post you're reading. In the future we might even add a few more options so it doesn't look so alone.


  • Hang on, we're not done there. Tasks also got themselves a shiny new arrow.


  • Our more design minded customers politely reminded us (for the hundredth time) that we don't display previews for .psd files. So we added it, then politely reminded them that coding is a lot harder than colouring in. While were at it we added support for .pps, .ppsx, .pptm, .csv, josn and sql. Even though none of us know what any of those are.
  • From time to time there are some documents where we can't generate a preview. We used to display quite an ugly substitute for this (sorry about that). Now if we can't generate the preview we just tell you what the file extension is. It may not be the most elegant solution, but when it's 2am and the house lights go up, sometimes pragmatism wins over beauty. 



Improved stuff

  • Controversy warning: Most of us feel this is an improvement, our CTO doesn't. We used to let you open, convert and edit Microsoft Office documents in Google or Zoho and then convert back to Office and save again. ** Pause for breath ** Unfortunately this conversion process caused all sorts of formatting problems, all outside of our control.

If like the rest of us you don't have the IQ of our CTO, or William James Sidis, then this got really confusing. To air on the side of caution we disabled the option, but if you're feeling daring you can re-enable it by following these instructions. Don't forget you can still work with native Google documents in BCSocial.

  • Stand down your sniper training. You can now click anywhere on a collapsed task to expand it, rather than needing to aim for that tiny little arrow. 


  • It seems like most of our tasks are either overdue or due in the future (whenever that is...). This often leaves a gaping hole in the middle of the screen, which we've done our best to narrow where we can.



  • People used to ask us "what's the difference between task, approve, sign and review". Because the answer was generally "nothing" we decided to remove these options.


  • Our users told us on the whole they found viewing their tasks by their own custom stages was more useful than viewing by date. So we changed the default view. Simple.


  • You can now add a deadline to a personal reminder more easily from the feed view. Why you would want to put all that pressure on yourself is beyond us, but the option's there should you wish.
  • Nearly forgot to mention. We've also added some quick date options when setting a task. It should save you a few milliseconds


  • No one likes a big head. We reduced the size of the users picture in follow up comments to a post, thus emphasising the user who initiated the post first. Hurrah! 

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    Claire Norman

    It's going to be tough to remember all of the new things I need to try!!! Looks great, thanks!

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