Installing 4th Office Edit



4th Office Edit gives you single click opening, editing and saving of documents and files directly back to the 4th Office.

How it works

A small application is installed on your computer, as well as extensions within your web browser. Once both are installed, clicking on the 'edit' option within the 4th Office will automatically open the file on your computer, and save it back to the 4th Office when you save the file.


Anywhere you see the Edit icon within the 4th Office click it and you will be prompted to download the installation client. If you require a direct link to the installation file you can find it here for PC, or here for Mac.

If your computer locked down and unable to install new software you may need to contact your IT department to request installation. If your IT department wishes to roll this application out automatically please submit a request for us to assist you.

Once the installation is complete, you will be asked to restart your browser and enable the extensions. Each browser handles this process slightly differently:



When Chrome restarts you should see the following dialogue box appear on the right of the screen. Click 'Enable extension'. (picture on left)

If this box does not appear, you may notice the Chrome control box, located at the top right hand side of the browser may be orange. If it is, click the box then select 'new extension added'. (pictured on right)

Finally, if you don't get either of these notifications then you can always search the extensions click Control Box > More tools > Extension.  Then follow the screenshots below to finish installation.


Internet explorer

To install in Internet Explorer click the pencil icon to begin this installation process.  Then click Download and install > Run (at the bottom of your screen) > Install > Restart. Your browser will now be restarted and you can use 4th Office Edit. 

Note: after Run you may be prompted with another request to allow 4th Office Edit just click Enable.




After clicking the pencil icon you will be presented with the following windows.  Click Download and install > Save file > click on downloads > then setup.exe.

If you do not see this screen and would like to check if the extension is installed and active, go to your Firefox extensions page



To install on Mac click the little pencil icon within 4th Office.  Then click Download and install > Ok > click on the .dmg file > then follow the installation instructions provided below.  


Once you have installed the application, you still need to ensure that it is enabled within the browser.  Click Safari > Preferences > Extensions > ensure that it is enabled (see picture).   


Simply click where you see the edit icon. Your document or file will then automatically open. You can then click save once you have completed your work, and the version will be sent to the 4th Office. The file will open with the application that has been set on your computer to handle that file. For example, if pictures are set to open within Microsoft photo viewer, this is what they will open with when you click edit.

If you are presented with the 'Download 4th Office Edit' screen when you click the edit symbol, it means the application or the extensions have not installed properly. Please follow the instructions above or submit a support request with us for further assistance. 


Operating Systems

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 (onwards)
  • Mac OSX 10.8.5+ (Mountain Lion onwards)

Web browsers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet explorer 9 onwards
  • Safari


If you're having any issues with 4th Office Edit, then please refer to this page 


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