Release 3.6.2

Despite temperatures in London HQ soaring in recent weeks, we've kept our cool and output is still as high as ever. This minor release is too hot to handle. Ice creams at the ready...

New stuff

  • BCSocial has been on the sudoko again and improved its memory. It now remembers email addresses you've used before when sending public links, files by email or registration invites. It even remembers email addresses of your contacts from your customer records, making them easy to use again.

  • Feel like you want complete control over sending invites to your BCSocial community? We understand. Community managers can now grab invite links and send them from their own email accounts. Learn more.

Improved stuff

  • We've beefed up the superpowers that community managers now have. This includes the ability to delete the last comment from any post, unlocking and deleting documents, deleting tasks, amending user profile pages and appointing Project and Customer Admins. Phew. If that isn't enough info for you, learn more.
  • We've gone admin crazy. If you have the community manager feature enabled you can also assign project category administrators and customer record administrators. Learn more.
  • Tasks have had a little makeover on the feed. You now get to see the comments someone made when they signed the task off.

  • For those users who still love the feel of paper in their hands, we've improved the printing of documents from the document preview page. We still recommend you download and open files to get the best print results.
  • We're on a mission to save thousands of mouse clicks all over the planet. We've just removed another one between you searching for a user, and getting his or her contact details. Contact details now appear next to a user's feed, so you can see them the moment you've clicked on their name, anywhere you see it in the app.




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