Adding your corporate Twitter account

You can add your corporate Twitter account(s) to groups within the 4th Office, so that your employees can keep track of the tweets your company is posting.


Navigate to the service store, select the Twitter module and then follow the instructions below


1) First ensure there is a group setup to push the tweets to. If there is no group setup please go and create one now and then proceed to step 2

2) Click ‘Add’, and provide a suitable name, like ‘company twitter feed’.

3) Type in the name of the existing group to which you wish to post the tweets

4) Add the Twitter username(s) you will to follow. You do not need to put the @ symbol in front of the usernames (Don't forget to hit return after adding each name). 

All future tweets from these usernames will then appear within the group feeds. You can setup multiple Twitter collections to post to other groups by clicking ‘add’ on this page.

Please be aware that these tweets are pushed into the 4th Office one-way. This means you can comment and discuss the tweets within the 4th Office, but to reply to a tweet you must link back to Twitter and reply from there.

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