Release 3.6.1

To celebrate the world cup final we've decided to release a few improvements to BCSocial.

New stuff

  • Ever said a swear word out loud because you left the page you were on half way through writing a long post, only to come back and find all your hard work gone? Yeah... sorry about that. Next time it happens we think you'll be pleasantly surprised (unlike this guy)

Improved stuff

  • Your customers are pretty important. Adding them to BCSocial just got a little easier

  • Where multiple Tags are used they are now grouped against one icon.
  • The logic dictating the customers displayed on the left hand menu is now consistent with the logic used for projects and groups.
  • The new items number displayed in the inbox now updates without the need to refresh the page.
  • For Google docs, 'Edit' is now displayed on the document view header, rather than within the 'more' menu.
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