Release 3.6

We're really excited by this release. Making life easier for our customers is what drives our team each day. It's the first thing we think about when we wake, the last thing we ponder before we sleep, and the hard core contingent of us even dream about it as well. We think this release is going to make working with BCSocial and documents a breeze.

New Stuff

  • Open, edit, and save documents directly back to BCSocial. No more pesky download upload; with a single click you can now work on any document or file your computer knows how to edit. It's cooler than a polar bear at a Jay-Z gig and it's ready for all you lovely Windows users right now, with support for Mac to follow imminently. Learn more.
  • Do you suffer from Dystychiphobia? We know how it feels and we're here to help. We've eliminated the change of accidentally making a change to a document while someone else is working on it, by introducing document locking. We can lock them automatically for you when using BCSocial Edit, or you can lock them yourself. Learn more

Improved Stuff

This being a document focussed release, we thought we'd polish a few other bits and bobs while we were at it. We have an all new, but still familiar looking document view, which now boasts:

  • one click upload, download and edit options
  • a more intuitive and visible version history screen. Learn more.
  • on screen notifications that documents may be locked
  • on screen notifications if the discussion feed or document you are viewing has been updated
  • full track changes previews on office documents. 

and finally we have:

  • Adding a hyperlink to a group, project or customer description is now clickable wherever you see it.
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