Master the 4th Office - Like a boss!

OK, so you've mastered the basics of the 4th Office - nice one! Here are some tips and tricks that are sure sure to save you plenty of time each day... around 19 minutes by our calculations. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time back:

 Top tips to start bossing the 4th Office


  • Pressing 's' brings up the search bar
  • Narrow your searches by date and other logic. Learn more
  • use the advanced search menu for more detailed searches, including keywords within documents

Keyboard shortcuts

  • use k to 'Okay' items in your inbox
  • use the up and down arrows to scroll through items in your inbox
  • use # to quickly tag something
  • use @ to share documents or discussions to people, groups, projects or customer records

Unleash the power of filtering

Filtering is available within the task & project overview, the drive view and your inbox. Where ever you see the filter bar you can click and start typing. If the system recognises a person, tag or customer it will suggest it to you. You can also just type in your own keywords.


Other tips and tricks

  • Got a long discussion and you want to reply to a specific passage of text? Use the 'reply' button


  • Involved in a discussion that no longer interests you? Just hide it from your feed.


  • You can do the same for an entire group or project


  • Conversely, if there is a particular document or post you want to remain notified about (get a blue flag), bookmark it

  • Each document / discussion has it's own unique link which you can grab from the browser, and use elsewhere in the 4th Office if you want to refer people back to it. Simply click 'open', then grab the link from the browser and paste it where you need to. 



Congratulations, you're now Running things in the 4th Office like a boss!

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