Google Docs


This article explains how you work with native Google documents within the 4th Office. The functionality is summarised as follows:

  • Google documents must first be created within your Google Drive
  • The Google document is then linked into the 4th Office
  • You can then share your Google documents to other users on the 4th Office
  • You must set the editing permissions within the Google document itself

You can also convert a Microsoft Office document into a Google document, edit it then convert it back and save it back to the 4th Office. This article explains more. Please note that during the conversation from Office to Google then back again to Office, some formatting or advanced features of your document may be impacted.

How it works

Google documents are online only documents, accessed through the browser and stored within Google Drive. The 4th Office can create a link to these documents, as well as create and store a thumbnail of them, however they always reside with Google. If you choose to download the document from the 4th Office it will convert it to an Office document and download it. This conversion may cause some unwanted formatting changes within the document.

This means when you add Google documents to the 4th Office, by putting them in your '' folder within your Google drive, you must leave them there in order for them to stay linked within the 4th Office. You must also leave them within your Google Drive section of the 4th Office.




Linking Google docs into the 4th Office

In order to link Google docs you have created within your Google drive, you must first connect your Google drive. You can learn how to do this by reading this article.

Editing Google docs

By default you will be able to edit any Google documents you link to the 4th Office. In order for others to edit the document you must either:

  • Enable the document to be edited by anyone with the link (recommended)
  • Enable other Google users with editing rights. These users will need to link their Google accounts to their 4th Office accounts.

To enable the document to be 'edited' by 'anyone with the link', please follow these Google instructions.

If you wish to only assign editing rights to specific users then those users must link their Google accounts to their 4th Office accounts by following the instructions here. 


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