Release 3.5 - 27/04/2014

This release is our biggest yet, packed full of goodness and new features to improve your life.

New Stuff

    • Move over Activity view and welcome in the all-new Task view. This revamped view will relieve your stress and anxiety by giving you a place to get tasks down, get them organised, and if you’re lucky get them assigned to someone else. We’ve prepared a 60 second video to show off the new view – why not take a peek?

Click here to learn more 

  • Got a task that no one else needs to see? You can now create personal tasks against existing discussions and documents, or within your ‘My Work’ Task view. Look out for their green shading, an indicator they’re personal to you. 


  • Did we mention green? We’ve simplified the colours we use, to help you understand where you are in the product. Whenever you’re in ‘My Work’ you’ll see green, whenever you’re in a more public place like a group, project or customer you’ll see grey. That’s it. We told you it was simple.
  • While we were up late one night, pondering how to stop people getting lost in the product, someone had the bright idea of changing the left hand menu to be a little more intuitive. So we did. Just like that.


Improved Stuff

  • Couldn’t care less if someone updated a document? Tired of being told someone completed a task? Your feed has been fine tuned to show you more comments from your co-workers and less nonsense from our servers. Don’t worry, if you still need a bit of bedtime reading it’s all still there, you just need to know where to look.


  • Same great Inbox, shiny new home. You’ll now find the inbox parked just below ‘My Work’. It’s much more comfortable there, we hope you’ll help it settle in.


  • Fresh filters facilitate finding things faster. Say it 5 times within 10 seconds and send us a recording. We guarantee we’ll be amused. Seriously though, just click on a filter in the Task or Drive view, it’s pretty awesome.


  • Workflows work better. How? Now you can see a visual representation of what’s been done (green), what’s being done (yellow), and what’s yet to do (Grey). If you haven’t tried workflows yet, now’s the time. Learn more


  • Keep forgetting to add important people to your projects? Avoid sarcastic “well I would if you’d added me” messages from people by adding them to an entire project category. That way they’ll see all of the projects, all of the time.  

  • We’ve been doing plenty of Sudoko, and our improved brain capacity means we now remember if you were viewing by stage or due date in the Task view of a Group, Project or Customer.
  • The quote symbol has been renamed to reply – because that's what it means.

Fixed stuff

  • Fixed an issue that caused an occasional error when deleting invited users.
  • If community manager is switched on then only community managers can invite users through 'share'.
  • The bulb in the boardroom projector has been replaced – finally.
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