Release 3.4.2 11/02/2014

New Stuff

  • You are now warned if you try to navigate away from a page while a file upload is still in progress.



  • New header descriptions above Groups, Projects and Customers now make it even clearer where you are within BCSocial. You have the ability to change these descriptions from the edit menu of the Group, Project or Customer.


  • You can now add web links to the description field within the document view, which in turn will appear on the feed next to the document


Improved Stuff

  • Background colour selector for the logo in community branding now allows you to build up a library of different options to test before saving your changes.
  • Moving documents into or between folders is now much faster.
  • Clearer distinction between how Google docs and Office docs are labelled within the system.
  • Website links from a users profile page are now active hyperlinks.

Fixed Stuff

  • The numbers shown next to the notifications displayed in the activities view are now correct.
  • Tooltips now work correctly when hovering over contacts on the customer profile.
  • Quick edit menu on card representations of projects now does not bleed off the screen.
  • Users can now manually unlock a document if it has been locked by editing it in Office.
  • The search, inbox, users and manage buttons are now visible within the Activities view without scrolling to the right.
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