Release 3.4.4 22/03/2014

New Stuff

  • You can now search for content within attachments from the advanced search menu.
  • Notes within customer records will now be picked up within searches.
  • You can now edit & move the stages from the project overview page by hovering over the title.


Improved stuff

  • 'Dismiss' has now been renamed to 'Okay' on the feed
  • Syncing between BCSocial and Dropbox is now faster. Learn more
  • There is now no time limit on the ability to delete your last post. Learn more

Fixed stuff

  • Fixed a small bug preventing proper use of the editing selection tools. Learn more
  • Fixed an upload issue in the drive when using IE9 & Windows 7.
  • Improvements to the reliability of the instant messaging tool.
  • When editing documents directly from BCSocial in Microsoft Office, they are now unlocked correctly when closed.
  • Moving files between folders in your Dropbox account no longer creates duplicate documents in BCSocial.
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