Integration with Pipedrive


Integration with Pipedrive is designed to pull information about your deals into the 4th Office so that it can be shared with people across your organisation.

Note: In order to integrate with Pipedrive you will need to submit a ticket to our customer success team so that we can enable the integration. This service is currently in beta and may still have limitations.

How it works
When a deal is created or updated, the push notifications feature in Pipedrive pushes details of the deal, which can be customised by you, into a group in the 4th Office. Deal information is displayed as a post within that group. If that deal is updated, a separate notification will push details of the update as a new comment to the same post.


People with access to the group will have access to the posts, and the posts can be shared to other people, groups or customer records if required.

Defining the information that gets pushed to the 4th Office

The push notification that is created in Pipedrive defines the data that is pushed to the 4th Office. You can setup multiple notifications to cater for different types of data requests if required. 

The data that is sent is defined by:

  • Selecting a user within Pipedrive. Only deals that the user has access to will be sent to the 4th Office
  • Selecting a pipeline and the stages within that pipeline that deals should be in if they are to be pushed to the 4th Office. Only deals within these pipelines and stages will be sent to the 4th Office

Providing a deal can be accessed by the user selected, and it falls within the stage specified, the following data about that deal will be sent to the 4th Office:

 - Organisation
 - Deal value
 - Forecast close date
 - Sales rep
 - Person well as any additional fields you wish to add (explained below)

Setting up the integration

1. Within the 4th Office setup a normal group to receive the tickets into (e.g ‘Sales (Pipedrive)’), and invite relevant people to the group.

2. In the Pipedrive interface navigate to Settings > Push Notifications. You may need admin privileges in Pipedrive to do this.


3. Click ‘create new notification.’  You will see something like this: 

4. Submit the details as shown below

  • A.  User: Select the user that has access to the deals you wish to push to the 4th Office. Typically a user is selected who has access to all deals (such as a sales manager).
  • B.  Url: The URL is made of many parts. You will end up with a URL which looks something like the below, and the instructions underneath show how it is built up from different information that will be provided to you and that you need to obtain. We suggest using a notepad application or similar to build up the URL before copying and pasting into the URL field.*;2.13&customFields=04530a24c4f52097e33h2g4h2g4hbd42acc8dd4;0cd1a5a7172d0ec0a163dd2a2d02f57333b223a9

i. ‘' - is the same for all customers

ii. ‘companyid=xx’ - where xx is your community number.  To find this simply click the little down arrow used to switching communities, then hover your cursor over the desired community.  You'll see at the bottom a slight gray box which contains a URL - here you will find your community id.  Please note: many communities have 4 numbers. 

iii. ‘&groupid=xx’ - where xx is the last set of digits from the URL of the group you create within the 4th Office to trap the Pipedrive Deals. A screen shot lower down this page shows how you can find it.

iv. ‘&token=xx’ - where xx is a token that can be obtained from the Pipedrive application by navigating to Settings > Personal > API

From this example (your URL will be different):

  • C.  Events: *.*
  • D.  HTTP Auth user: leave this blank

5. Save your notification.

You should now see posts created in the Pipedrive group in the 4th Office when any new deals are added or updated that fit within the criteria you have set out above. 


Advanced (optional):

These advanced features can be appended to the end or your URL that you entered above.  For most users the above is sufficient for average use but if you would like to further refine your integration these are provided.  

v. If you have number of pipelines you can select the appropriate pipeline to send information from using: ‘&pipeline=xx;xx;xx’ - where xx is a combination of the pipeline itself, and the stages to be included. Please see the screenshot below to link with the references made in this paragraph. If you only have one pipeline leave this information out completely.

Navigate to Settings > Pipelines and pick the first pipeline you wish to push data from (highlighted in yellow). Take the number from the URL in the address bar (highlighted in green) as your first digit, then add a '.' and a '*' if you wish to add all stages (recommended), or put the numbers of the stages (highlighted in blue) together as the second digits.

As an example from the screenshot, adding the digits 1.* would add all stages of the "UK Sales Pipeline". Adding digits 1.12 would add stages 1 and 2 of the same pipeline.

you can add multiple pipelines and stages by using ';' between each one. For example "1.*;2.14;3.*" would add all stages of pipeline 1, stages 1-4 of pipeline 2 and all stages of pipeline 3.

vi ‘&customFields=xx;xx;xx’ - where xx is the field API Key for the data fields you wish to push into the 4th Office in addition to the standard ones we send. This could include standard fields like Title or Organization, Owner and Stage, as well as any custom fields you have in Pipedrive. Navigate to settings > customise fields to obtain this information. Use ; to separate the id of each field.

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