Integration with Zendesk (beta)


Integration with Zendesk is designed to pull your support tickets and ticket related information into the 4th Office so that it can be shared with people across your organisation.

Note: In order to integrate with Zendesk you will need to submit a ticket to our customer success team so that we can enable the integration. This service is currently in beta and may still have limitations.

How it works

When a ticket is created or updated, the trigger feature in Zendesk pushes details of the ticket, which can be customised by you, into a group in the 4th Office. Ticket information is displayed as a post within that group.


If that ticket is updated, a separate trigger rule will push details of the update as a new comment to the same post.


People with access to the group will have access to the posts, and the posts can be shared to other people, groups or customer records if required.

Setting up the integration

1. Within the 4th Office setup a normal group to receive the tickets into (e.g 'Zendesk'), and invite relevant people to the group.

2. In the Zendesk agent interface navigate to Admin > Settings > Extensions.  Then click on "add target" while on the Targets tab.  

3. Submit the details as shown below

Title: the 4th Office


Method: Post

Attribute Name: Data (ignore the warning) 

4. Navigate to Admin > Business Rules > Triggers within the Zendesk agent interface.  Then click "add trigger" this will create a push notification to 4th Office. 

5. Enter the details as shown below.

Trigger title: 4th Office - Create

Meet any of the following conditions: Ticket is : created

Perform these actions: Notifications: Notify target : 4th Office

Message: the text that must go in the message is as follows:


Ticket Subject: {{ticket.title}}

Ticket status is: {{ticket.status}}

The 'ComunityId' is located at the bottom of the screen when you hover over the drop down menu bellow your name.  See below.

The 'GroupID' is the last set of digits from the URL of the group you create within the 4th Office to trap the Zendesk tickets. 

As long as this information is present you may then add further information to the ticket. Zendesk offer a wide choice of data labels that can be pushed to the 4th Office, and many more than the ones highlighted here in blue can be used. You can click 'view available placeholders' to see a complete list.

Ensure you have submitted the trigger to save it. 

6. Return to the trigger menu and click to add a new trigger.  Enter the details as shown below.

Trigger title: the 4th Office - update

Meet any of the following conditions: Ticket comment is : present (public or private)

Perform these actions: Notifications: Notify target : 4th Office

Message: the text that must go in the message is as follows:


Ticket status is: {{ticket.status}}

The 'ComunityId' is the same one as supplied for the first trigger.  See above.


Advanced Options 

Please note that in this example we are only updating the ticket if new comments are added to it. You can also update the ticket should other actions be performed on it, such as it being assigned to a new agent, or it's status changes from open to closed. Simply add new conditions to the 'meet any of the following conditions' section to enable this.  Please contact Support if you need further assistance setting up any subsequent rules.  


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