Branding your Community


You have the ability to customise and brand your community in the following ways:

1. Add your own company logo

2. Select a background image or colour for the application 


You can also brand your Groups, Projects and Customer records. Click each link to learn more.


Applying branding

Navigate to the 'Community Branding' section under the Settings menu. 



Select 'upload' and choose a logo to replace the default one. You can upload multiple logo's and click on each one to instantly see how it looks within your community.  We recommend you use a logo with is no wider than 200 pixels and no deeper than 40 pixels. We apply padding around the logo, so we advise you upload your logo without any border if possible. You can add your border colour by following the instructions below.


Background image / colour

Any background image you upload will automatically enlarge as you make your browser wider. We suggest you upload an image with dimensions of at least 1366 X 768 pixels.

If you desire a solid background colour we advise creating an image of at least 1366 X 768 pixels of solid colour and uploading it.

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