Project overview screen


The Project overview screen lets you:

  • See the list of your projects
  • Move Projects from one category to another
  • See your Projects categorised by status (Active / Closed)
  • Filter against the displayed Projects

To access the Project overview screen click 'Projects' on the left hand menu

Moving Projects from one stage to another

Ensure you have selected 'Tiles' view and 'view by stage'

Simply drag and drop a Project tile from one stage to another and it will be updated. Changes will be saved once the tile changes from light blue to white.

Please note only active Projects are shown on the stage view

Configuring your Project stages

Ensure you are viewing your projects by stage (see above). Click 'add new stage' and type in the name of the stage you want to add, and any additional ones.

If you wish to re-order the stages you can drag them left or right

Project status

Ensure you have selected 'view by status'

You will then see a static view of the Projects and their status (Active / Closed). You can drag Project tiles from one status to another to change them.

Filtering against the displayed Project

You can filter against the following things to narrow down the list of projects:

  • Project name
  • Project owner
  • Associated Groups
  • Associated Customer
  • Associated Tag

Type your keyword into the filter bar and then select the associated choice from the selection given to you.

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