Release 3.4 - 21/01/2014

New Stuff

  • Evernote integration has arrived! You can now share notes direct from your Evernote account to BCSocial and associate them to projects or customer records. Click here to learn more.




  • Ability to preview .XSD files within the document view.
  • You can now add ‘year established’ as a field within a Customer record.
  • Customer records can now be deleted. Available to account managers and those with global access to customers.

Improved Stuff

  • New system enhancements will mean less maintenance periods are required in the future.
  • Changes to ensure consistency with the top level navigation bar throughout the app.
  • Slightly larger font sizes on certain screens.
  • Easier Active Directory access for users who have this authentication method enabled. 
  • Tags can now contain the question mark symbol if required.
  • The way contacts are displayed within a customer record have been improved.

Fixed Stuff

  • The Inbox view now correctly displays the custom background image if one is present.
  • You can now reply (‘quote’) to the first post in a discussion, rather than only subsequent ones.
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