Evernote Drive


Integration with Evernote designed to share your notes into the 4th Office, where they can then be shared with other users, groups, projects or customer records.

Note: this service is currently in beta and may have some limitations.

Summary of functionality

  • Notes can be shared from Evernote to the 4th Office
  • If notes are updated in Evernote, changes are automatically synchronised to the 4th Office
  • Simply tag a note ‘4thoffice’ to share notes to the 4th Office
  • Multi-media within notes, such as graphics and audio files are stored as attachments to the main note
  • Currently notes are read only in the 4th Office and can only be edited in Evernote

Connecting your Evernote account to the 4th Office

You must first ensure Evernote is enabled within your community. Click Settings > Your Apps >Link it.

You will be taken to evernote.com and asked if you wish to authorize your account. If you are not yet logged into Evernote you will first be asked to enter your Evernote credentials.

Click ‘Authorize’. 


Sharing notes from Evernote to the 4th Office
Initially no notes from Evernote will be shared to the 4th Office. To share a note to the 4th Office you need to add the tag ‘4thOffice’ to any notes you wish to share with the 4th Office.  To add a tag within Evernote, see the following picture. 

Once you have added the tag ‘4thOffice’ your note will be shared within seconds, providing you are connected to the internet.

New notes will appear on your Feed (characterized by Evernote icon) and will also be displayed in your Evernote Drive.

Edit a note within 4th Office

Editing an Evernote within 4th Office is just as easy!  Simply click on the evernote to bring up the detailed view with 4th Office.  Click on the pencil icon > (begin editing text on pop-up) > click close > this will automatically save and update between both 4th Office and Evernote.  Seamlessly!  See pictures attached below. 


Note: attachments made within the Evernote pop-up will not be displayed within 4th Office, but will be synced to your Evernote account.  

Removing notes from the 4th Office

To remove notes from the 4th Office simply delete it as you would do any other document. You should also remove the ‘4thOffice’ tag from your Evernote to prevent future sharing. 


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