Introduction to Search

4th Office has a quick and advanced search feature built into it. To access the search bar either click the magnifying glass at the top of the screen or press ‘s’ on the keyboard.

Quick search
Once the search bar is open you can start typing your query, and as you do search results will be displayed. As you start typing more keywords your search results will be narrowed accordingly.
In the example below the keyword ‘Tom’ is quite broad and associated with many different items within 4th Office, so it has returned lots of results.

Adding the word ‘Jerry’ narrows the results to help pinpoint the correct result.

For further information on how search results are returned, as well as enhanced search queries that can be used, please view this article.
Advanced search

To access the advanced search screen open the search bar, then click any of the right facing blue arrows.

Once in the advanced search screen you have more control over which areas of 4th Office your search will cover, which can help narrow down your results.

You can also search within Office documents and text based PDF’s. To do this, select the ‘also by content’ filter and your results will automatically be expanded automatically.

As you add more keywords the results will then be narrowed accordingly.

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