Adding custom branding to your Customers


If you are a Customer account manager you can add custom branding to the header image. An example of how this looks can be shown below. The bar which displays the different views will remain translucent and the image will be shown behind it.

Please note by default this feature is not enabled. If you would like to enable it within your community please submit a request to our customer success team.

Adding an image

The optimal image size is 960 x 200 pixels, which will be displayed on our widest page, which is the Drive view. On the Feed, Activities and Profile view 640 X 200 pixels will be displayed, meaning 320 pixels to the right of your image will be cropped.

Images smaller than 960 x 200 will be tiled, larger images may be cropped.

Navigate to the customer Profile page and click 'change cover photo'.

Select the image you wish to upload from your computer.

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