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Our '7 steps to success' guide, which is handily attached to the bottom of this article, takes you through how to make your teams more productive by rolling out the 4th Office swiftly and efficiently. Below is a checklist you can use alongside our article to make sure you are on the right path to success, as well as links to supporting resource that will assist you with your roll out.
1. Record why you're using the 4th Office
It's also useful to let others know why you're asking people to invest their time in something new, so it should form part of the communication we'll talk about in a few steps time.
2. Jot down what you're doing and who's doing it
Make a note of the activities that the 4th Office will be used for, the processes it will support and the people involved in them. This information should also form the foundation of the communication you'll shortly send.
3. Pick your success champion
If you're reading this it's likely you're the person that holds the key to success for the initial roll out of the 4th Office. Drop our customer success team a line ( and introduce yourself. We're also responsible for your success... we're on the same team!

If you've yet to find a success champion We have some tips on picking the best ones. You can find them here

4. Communicate your intent
Send everyone in your pilot team an email, introducing why your organisation will be using the 4th Office, who will be involved, and how it will be used. We have an email template here which you can use to get started.
Of course it also makes sense to mention the pilot in any face to face meetings you may have with people that will be participating in the pilot.

5. Create your community on the 4th Office
This ones pretty crucial. Registration is simple if you haven’t already done it, just follow the instructions on
6. Prepare your environment & upload any relevant documents
We have a team of success experts who have helped hundreds of customers configure their 4th Office community to suit their business needs. The fastest way to get started is to drop us a line, talk us through your pain points and let us show you the way. If you're a self service kind of person everything you could ever want to know is here.
7. Invite the pilot team to the 4th Office
This article tells you all you need to know about inviting other users onto the 4th Office so they can access your community. Once your team is invited you may nee to finish your configuration by putting people in appropriate groups and projects.
8. Pick a day to launch the pilot and communicate
Let people know when this will be, and what's expected of them on the day. We always recommend you train your users first, face to face if possible, so let people know this is going to happen.

Visit our email templates page for a helping hand.
9. Launch your pilot

On your chosen day train your users on how to use the 4th Office to support your activities and processes, face to face if possible, or via web conference, cheat sheets or videos.  Once training has finished, ask them to log into 4th Office and start contributing.
10. Review your evaluation
Gather all the stakeholders on a call or meeting to centrally gather the feedback on your pilot of the 4th Office. A member of our customer success team would be happy to join your session and give on the spot responses to your feedback if you want.
11. Launch to your wider audience
Once your champion and newly qualified super users are comfortable with how to use the 4th Office you can launch to a wider audience. Depending on how you plan to use the 4th Office this could continue to be across various teams or company wide.

We have one last template in this article to help you with your big launch.

As ever contact the customer success team at for advice if you need. 
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