Group overview screen


The Group overview screen lets you:

  • Move groups from one category to another
  • See your Groups categorised by your role in relation to them
  • Filter against the displayed Groups

To access the Group overview screen click 'Groups' on the left hand menu

Moving Groups from one category to another

Ensure you have selected 'Tiles' view and 'category'.

Simply drag and drop a Group tile from one stage to another and it will be updated. Changes will be saved once the tile changes from light blue to white.

Configuring your Group stages

Click 'Add new category' to add a new stage to the list. The stage at the top of the list will appear on the far left when looking at the group overview page. If you wish to re-order the stages use the move button on the left to change their position. You can also rename them by clicking edit button.

Groups and your role related to them

Ensure you have selected 'view by role'

You will then see a static view of the Groups and your role related to them

Filtering against the displayed Group

Type your keyword into the filter bar to find the Group. If you want to filter against a Group Manager select their name from the list. You can add more keyword filters once you have added the first.

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