Release 3.3 - 14/12/2013

New Stuff

Introducing the ability to add custom stages to your projects and customers! You can also drag and drop between stages to apply quick updates to them.

Please click to learn more about stages for Projects or stages for Customers.

We have also introduced the ability to create different categories for your Groups. Please view this article to learn more.

Users now have the choice of picking a username and password for BCSocial instead of using OAuth to sign in through Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft or Facebook.

In the Drive view you can now drag files into folders. You can also select multiple files using the select button and drag them into a single folder at once.

You can now rename 'customers' to something more appropriate to your business, such as 'clients' if required. Please follow this link to learn more.

We have introduced new helpers to the right hand side of the Feed for Groups, Projects and Customers. They display information such as other members, tasks and associated projects. 

If you navigate to our Help Centre from the BCSocial application you we already know who you are so you can see your previous help centre requests.

Improved stuff
  • The BCSocial user interface is now aligned to the left of the screen rather than the centre. This is to accommodate a wider Drive view and also the new Group, Project and customer overview screens.
  • The collaborate view, where the discussion feed appears alongside the document, is now the default view you enter a document preview.
  • You can add a document at the start of a discussion, even after you have started typing your comments.
  • Document history now gives information on attachments that have been added and deleted from the main document.
  • You can now close a Project directly from the right hand side of the Project profile page.
  • The default email notifications that users receive have now been tuned to help reduce the volume of notifications received. To view your notification settings within BCSocial please click this link 
  • If you click 'Share' as an action after selecting multiple files within the Drive view, you will now be shown the existing locations of the files selected, making it easy to un-share them from a particular Group, Project or Customer
  • When editing a Project you can now have the option to 'share' the Project to users or Groups from the edit screen.
  • The bookmarks helper on the right hand side of the screen now displays bookmarked discussions as well as bookmarked documents.
  • Open Office document thumbnails are now improved.
  • On the right hand side of the customer feed the customer email and fax number is now also shown.
  • When sending a public link to a document the email address and message box are now on the same screen.
  • Pressing enter after typing into the advanced search no longer opens the item from the first search result.
  • When changing the owner of a document the new owner must be another user, it cannot be a group or a project.
  • Future system notifications will be displayed in your local timezone settings.
  • You can now add a Group to the members list of a Project. The Group will expand to the individual Users within that Group.

Fixed Stuff
  • A minor issue where the top of the Drive view could become out of proportion to the documents listed underneath it has been fixed.
  • .tiff and .bmp files are now labelled correctly within the Drive view
  • 'Invite your colleagues' now behaves in the same way invites from other parts of BCSocial do regarding the selection of internal / external users.

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    Julie Shrubs

    Looks like some great updates...

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