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Integration with Google Drive (GDrive) is primarily designed to do two things: 
  • Give you an offline space to share your 4th Office documents to. 
  • Allow you to link in Google documents to 4th Office and work with them. Read this article to learn more 
Integration with Google Drive also allows you to pull existing files into the 4th Office. This makes is it useful to upload a large volume of files, or files which are large in size. 
Summary of functionality
  • Documents in the 4th Office can be pushed to your Google Drive folder.
  • Documents placed in a specific folder in Google Drive will be pushed to the 4th Office.
  • Google docs can be linked into the 4th Office.
  • Documents will then stay synchronised. If a change is made to the document in the 4th Office, this will update the Google Drive copy. If an update is made in Google Drive, this will update the 4th Office copy.
  • When Google Drive is integrated, all your documents are not automatically pushed into the 4th Office. For this to happen, they must be moved into the specially created folder.
  • Folder structures from Google Drive are not automatically replicated in the 4th Office.
  • Folder structures from the 4th Office are not automatically replicated in Google Drive
  • Currently other users in the 4th Office cannot edit Google Docs that are synchronised with your Google Drive unless permissions are set within the google document (learn more).

Connecting your Google Drive account to the 4th Office

Navigate to the Settings > Your Apps > Google Drive Sync.  Click on 'Link it'


You will be taken to Google and asked if you wish to link your account. If you are not yet already logged into Google Drive you will first be asked to enter your Google Drive credentials. Click 'Sign in’.  
Then you can review the permissions, and then click 'Accept'

 A file will now reside in you Google Drive titled ''
Synchronisation from the 4th Office to Google Drive
To synchronise a file from the 4th Office to Google Drive navigate to the document and click share. Type 'Google Drive' and you will be presented with the option to select your Google Drive account.

Click 'Share'. Within a few minutes the file will be synchronized to the folder in your Google Drive account.
You can share the document to your 'Google Drive' by selecting the document(s) from the Drive view, clicking 'Share' and typing in 'Google Drive'
Synchronisation from Google Drive to the 4th Office
To synchronise a file, document or Google Doc from Google Drive to the 4th Office save or move the file to the '' folder in your Google Drive account.
Within a few minutes, providing you are connected to the internet, your document will appear in the 4th Office. The document will appear on your feed, but you can also navigate to the Drive view and click the Google Drive icon to see all of your files from your folder.
Any synchronised documents will be private to you until you share them to others.
You can copy an entire folder of documents to and all of them will be imported into the 4th Office. Please be aware that the folder itself will not be replicated in the 4th Office.
Managing Conflicts

If the 4th Office detects a conflict of a document held in Google Drive and the 4th Office it will allow you to select which version of the document should be kept. It is your responsibility to merge or copy the necessary changes from both documents into the latest version if needed.

Deleted & unshared files
If you un-share a document from Google Drive within the 4th Office it will be moved to the trash folder within your Google Drive. If you delete a file from the 4th Office which is synchronised to your Google Drive, it will be moved to the trash folder within your Google Drive.

If you delete a document from your Google Drive that is synchronised to the 4th Office it will remain in the 4th Office, but will no longer be shown in your Google Drive section.
Frequently asked Questions
Can others edit Google Docs that I share to them through the 4th Office?
Please read this article to learn more
Can I create new Google Docs from within the 4th Office?
Currently you can only synchronise Google Docs into the 4th Office that have already been created in your Google Drive. We will be introducing the ability to create new Google Docs from within the 4th Office in early 2014.
Where do documents placed in the ‘’ folder in my Google Drive appear in the 4th Office?
Initially they will appear within your Drive, under the Google Drive section. From here you can share them to other parts of the 4th Office.
Do synchronised documents exist both in Google Drive and in the 4th Office?
Yes. A document pushed from the 4th Office to Google Drive - or vice versa - then exists in two places.
Can another user synchronise a document to their Google Drive if they are not the document owner?
Yes. If you have access to a document, you are able to synchronise it to your Google Drive.
If the document is updated in the 4th Office, will that update the copy held in my Google Drive?
Yes it will - regardless of who made the change, you or another user.
Can I drag existing folders in my Google Drive into the ‘’ folder to synchronise content into the 4th Office?
Yes you can. Even if those documents are in folders and subfolders, they will be synchronised across to the 4th Office. Please note the folders themselves will not be replicated in the 4th Office.
Can I still have folders and subfolders in my ‘’ folder in Google Drive, and file documents accordingly?
Yes you can. However these folders will not be replicated within the 4th Office. 
Will the existing Google Drive sharing permissions of those folders be retained?
No. Unfortunately Google Drive do not allow subfolders to be shared with other Google Drive users.
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