Project Categories


To help stay organised you have the ability to create different categories of Projects within 4th Office. These could be anything from bids, campaigns, events, press releases, contracts, implementations, initiatives and more.

Once added, the different Project categories will appear on the left hand menu and you will be able to add a new project under the relevant category.

Configuring Project Management
To configure this module you must first navigate to Settings > Left Menu > Add More. 
Once in the module, click the 'add' button to add a new type of project category.  Project management is the default new instance of a project. 

You will be asked to enter the category name (e.g Bids, Pitches, Campaigns).

Once you have entered the category name you can select an icon to help distinguish the different category of project.

A list of project categories in use will appear after you have populated your new project type. You can configure or delete these categories at any time

Moving Projects between Project categories
A Project created in one category can be moved to another if required. For example there may be a pitch or bid your business is working on which is then won and needs to be delivered. Using this feature allows you to carry all the information through from the bid and convert it into a project to manage the delivery.
To move a project to another category navigate to the Profile view of the Project and select 'Move'
Within the next screen select the Project category you would like to move it to. 
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