The importance of a success champion

The importance of a success champion
Finding someone to champion the 4th Office in your business will dramatically improve the speed and ease of adoption, as well as ensure you get maximum value from your investment. We’d go as far as to say it’s a pretty essential part of the journey you’re on.

Picking the right success champion is a key part of launch guide, which you can read all about here

Don’t forget senior sponsorship
For the champion to be successful they’ll need to be backed by a senior decision maker who understands the importance of adoption and a quick return on the investment your business is making.
Finding the right champion

A question we’re often asked is who makes the best champion? There are no hard and fast rules for this, but looking out for some of the traits below will guide you towards the right choice

Find someone who’s passionate about making things better

The 4th Office is deployed in different ways by different businesses, but there is always one common reason – to improve how something is done today. Your champion should be passionate and committed about helping the team work better together.

Make it someone’s objective

If the champion ultimately reports into the senior sponsor then it’s much easier to ensure the champion has the task of rolling out the 4th Office as an objective they have time set aside for and will be measured against.

Who will feel the benefit the most?

Everyone who works with the 4th Office will feel more productive & effective, however there may be certain members of the team that will feel the benefit more than others. 

If the 4th Office is being used to store, categorise and ensure everyone has access to the information they need, it’s likely the person who is often asked to provide that information will feel the most benefit. Conversely, if the 4th Office is being used to harness feedback on discussion topics or documents then the authors or creators of those topics stand the most to gain.

Look for someone who’s ready for the responsibility

It’s quite a bold step to lead a team of people through a change. Think about who in your organisation is right to take on the task and run with it, with the reward of being able to say “I was responsible for that!” at the end of the journey.

Who works across multiple teams and functions?

The 4th Office supports projects, activities and processes, most of which often span different people and different teams. A champion who regularly interacts with these teams is most likely to be able to influence a positive change in working practice.
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