Viewing documents in the 4th Office


You can view just about any document you can think of from within the 4th Office. This is a really quick way to review a document if you don't need to open and edit it, and even more handy if you don't have software like Microsoft Office on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How does it work?

Quite simply, the 4th Office mimics how a printer would print the document, but rather than producing a paper copy it produces an image which is quick to view on any device.

Tips for getting the best out of viewing documents

Document types like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Project as well as Google documents and presentations automatically format very well because of the way they are designed to print, however spreadsheets sometimes need a bit of extra attention to get them looking just the way you want in the 4th Office.

Every tried printing a spreadsheet just to find you end up with hundreds of pages each with a small piece of information on it? This is because by default printers don't know how you want your sheet to look when you print it. The same is true in the 4th Office, but don't worry, it's easy easy to fix!

You'll need to adjust your printing settings within the Excel file before you save it back to the 4th Office to decide what to show on each page. We've trawled the internet and found a nice article here that explains more.

With a few adjustments you can easily turn a file that looks like this

Into this

Remember that really big spreadsheets might have too much information to fit nicely on the screen and the best way to view them is to open them in Excel or Google Sheets.

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