Getting the most from the Task view


The Task view is the place to see who's doing what, when and regarding which subject. It can be used for something as simple as keeping tabs on your own personal tasks, to organising an event, product launch, bid response or more.

My Task view

The My Task view is where you will see a consolidated view of all the Tasks you have access to, including your own personal Tasks (green), Tasks set for others (grey) and Tasks set for you (yellow).


Project, Group and Customer Task view

Within each of these areas the Task view will show all the Tasks associated with the Project, Group or Customer. These could be tasks set specifically for you (yellow) or Tasks set for others (grey). 


Organising you Tasks

You can view your tasks in two ways:

  • By due date, giving you a time based representation of when Tasks need to be completed. You can drag and drop Tasks to different date columns if required
  • By stage, where you define and set the different stages for your Tasks, on a personal, project, group or customer basis. 



Picking which Tasks to see

You can view Tasks according to

  • Tasks for you (yellow)
  • Tasks set by you (grey)
  • All Tasks you have access to (mix)



Use the filter bar to narrow down the Tasks on your screen. Clicking the filter bar will bring up relevant choices for you, as well as give you the option to type in keywords to narrow choices down. You can filter tasks according to:

  • Set by you
  • Set for you
  • Customer
  • Project
  • Tag
  • Keyword
  • Time Frame


Viewing completed Tasks

You can view completed Tasks by clicking the arrow to the left of the Task view


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