Project properties


Projects have lots of different properties to help you run them effectively. These properties can be added either when the Project is created (see this article) or when the Project is in progress. Just navigate to the Project profile page and click 'Edit' in the 'More options' menu.

Project properties explained

  • Owner refers to the User running the Project
  • Members are those directly involved in the Project
  • Shared with are Users or Groups not directly involved, but who still need access
  • Tags are any tags associated with the Project. Learn more here
  • Health is a red/amber/green health rating of the Project
  • Health comment is an opportunity to write a brief note about the health of the Project
  • Start and End Date refers to when the Project started and when it is due to end
  • Status can be Active, Closed, On-hold or Cancelled. You can see more details of this below:


Projects can have one of three statuses:

  • Active if the Project is in progress
  • Closed if the Project has finished
  • Cancelled if the Project has been abandoned.

Any recent, active Projects will appear on your list view.

Any cancelled or closed Projects stay within the 4th Office but are not displayed on the list view. They can be found in your tile view. This is accessible by clicking 'Tiles' as shown in the screenshot above. 

Where properties are displayed

If properties have been set against the Project, they can be viewed from the Profile page of the Project.

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