Hiding discussions from your Feed


The 'My Desk' Feed can become a very noisy place. This is due to the way it aggregates all the updates, discussions and items from all the Project, Group and Customer contexts you are associated with.

To help reduce the noise, you can hide discussions from your 'My Desk' Feed so that they don't appear in your timeline. This allows you to focus on the things that are important.

On the discussion in question, click the blue arrow on the discussion header and select 'Hide from my Feed'.

The discussion will now not appear in your Feed.

Hiding entire Groups or Projects from your 'My Desk' Feed

You can also elect to hide all discussions from Groups and Projects you are a member of.


  • You can only hide a discussion from the Feed if you are not the person who initiated the discussion in the first place.
  • If someone specifically mentions you using @ then the discussion will automatically reappear on your Feed to alert you. The discussion will stay visible on your Feed until you elect to hide it again.
  • If you are in the Feed of a Group, Project or Customer context, then that discussion will still be displayed, even if you have elected to hide it.
  • Only discussions from groups or projects that are initiated before you hide them from your feed will be hidden. Any older discussions will still display if they have new posts on them.
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