Removing yourself or others from a Project


If you or another User are no longer required in a Project, you can be removed. There are three ways you can be associated with the Project:

  1. If you are the Project owner
  2. If you are a member of the Project, and directly involved with it
  3. If you are shared to the Project, simply to allow you access


Removing an owner or member from a Project

Navigate to the Profile view of the Project and click 'Edit' in the 'More options' menu.

From here you can remove yourself or other Users by clicking the grey X next to the User's name. 

If you wish to change the owner of the Project, click on the User's name and replace it with the name of the new owner. All Projects must have an owner.

Removing a User or Group shared to a Project

Navigate to the Profile view of the Project and click 'Share'.

Remove Users or Groups by clicking the grey X next to their name and then clicking 'Share' again.


If you would like to remain a member of a Project, but not be updated each time there are new comments posted, you can hide the Project from your Feed. To learn more, please view this article

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