Leaving Groups, removing members and changing managers

Private Groups

If you no longer wish to be part of a Group, you can leave it by navigating to the Profile page of the Group and clicking 'Leave group' in the 'More options' menu.

If you are the Manager of a Group and wish to leave it, or if you wish to remove someone else from it, navigate to the Profile view of the Group and click 'Edit' on the right hand side.

You will see your name in the Managers section of the Group properties. If you are the Manager and wish to leave the Group, you must first add a new Manager (see below).

Add the new manager (or managers) to the Managers section.

If you wish to remove yourself as a Manager, click the small grey X next to your name. At this stage you can also add yourself as a Member.

You can also remove other people as Members by clicking the small grey X next to their name.

Finally, click 'Save' to ensure your changes are saved.

Open Group:

By default, all internal Users within your community are Members of Open Groups and cannot leave or be removed. If you wish to adjust the notifications you receive while a Member of an Open Group, please see the notes below.


If you would like to remain a Member of a Group - but not be updated each time there are new comments posted - you can hide the Group from your Feed. To learn more, please view this article

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