Posting Comments to the Feed

Starting a discussion with Comments from 'My Desk'

Nobody can see anything you initiate from 'My Desk' until you add Users, Groups, Projects or Customers.

To add any of these individuals or Groups, go to the Comments box. Use the '@' symbol to start typing in the name of a User and search for them in your community directory. Once you find them, simply hit Return on your keyboard to add them to the Comments box.

You can also use @ to bring up Groups or Customers you want to post your comments to. In the same way, use % to bring up Projects you want to post your comments to.

At this point, if you don't see a User you wish to write comments to, you can invite them. Just click the Invite button at the bottom of the User list.

Starting a discussion from other contexts

If you are in a Group, Project or Customer context, any Comments you post will automatically be seen by others who have access to that context.

In the example below, you can see that because Tom is already in the context of the Digital Campaign for Fortnum PLC Project, his comments will automatically be visible there without him specifically mentioning the project in his comments.

How to see who your Comments will be visible to

When starting a discussion, a help note underneath the Comments box will advise you who your Comments will be visible to. In the example below, the 4th Office is advising Tom that the Comments he is writing will be visible to Julie and the members of the design team once he posts them.

To understand more about who has access to your discussions and items, please view this article

Contributing to an existing discussion

When you contribute to an existing discussion, your Comments will be visible to the Users and any other contexts displayed to the right of the conversation header.

You may choose to add other Users or contexts to the discussion as you write your Comments. If you do, the entire discussion will also be made visible to those you have added.

For example in the screenshot below, the discussion was initially only visible to the members of the Inbound Leads Group and Tom Penton. However, in his Comments Tom is now also making the discussion available to the members of the Sales Group.

Deleting comments from the feed

You have the ability to delete the last comment you have made on a feed. To do so click the blue arrow and select delete.


You can also un-share the discussion from others by following the instructions in this article.

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