Email Notifications


By default, the 4th Office sends you an email each time there's an update to a discussion or item you are involved with. 

Notifications can be particularly useful if you are a light User of the 4th Office and only need to be notified when something needs your attention. Regular Users can however avoid seeing the same message many times, by simply tweaking or switching off these Notifications. 

To see a comprehensive list of all the Notifications you may receive, please see this article

Responding to Notifications received by email

Let's say you have gained all the information you need from the email Notification, and simply want to post a brief reply. Please note that everything included in your reply will be posted back to the discussion that the Notification came from. You may wish to remove your signature, if there is one.

Adjusting your email Notification preferences

The 4th Office sends you Notifications based on different criteria. If you wish to adjust the criteria, or simply remove all criteria, navigate to Settings > Notifications.

All new Users have default settings for their Notifications. You can see these in the screenshot below.

Notifications for Clients/Groups/Customers

You can also change the location where new notifications are sent.  To do this navigate to a particular Client/Group/Customer and then click "Change" below the overview section.  See picture.  


Here you have three options:

  • Update both my feed and inbox
  • Update my feed only
  • Do not update

If you choose "update both my feed and inbox" then you'll receive notifications for new events in both your feed and inbox.  These are meant to be for Clients/Groups/Projects that are more important to you as a user.  Say you work in Marketing then your Marketing Group notifications might fit this criteria, hence you may elect to elevate them by changing the notification level to both feed and inbox.

If you choose to "update my feed only" then these updates will be sent only to your feed and new notifications won't be added to your inbox (unless the sender writes directly to you @Tom).  The feed is designed to be the catch-all for notifications.

If you choose "do not update" then notifications from these groups or projects will no longer be emailed to you. Learn more about hiding from your feed.


Owner/creator of Client/Group/Project - Update both my feed and inbox

Member of Client/Group/Project - Update my feed only


Based on the above, if your default Client/Group/Project notification is to your "feed only" and your global email notification is set to your "inbox," then you will not get an email notification on new items to that particular Client/Group/Project.  However, to change this simply increase global notifications to "feed notification," or by changing the individual Client/Group/Project notifications to "update both my feed and inbox."


Changing the email address your Notifications are sent to

By default, your Notifications will be sent to the email address you used when you first registered for the 4th Office. To change this, navigate to Settings > Profile > Email.  Here you can change your email address for notifications. 

Your new email address will now be saved.

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