Understanding who has access to your discussion or items


Who has access to any comments, tasks or documents you have posted in the 4th Office? Or to a discussion that could be a collection of these items? The sections below cover the different ways you can see exactly who has this access, depending on where you are within the 4th Office.

If you wish to change the access rights to any items, please view this article.

From the Feed:

To the right of your Profile picture at the top of any item or discussion, you can see those that have access to it. All items - tasks, documents and comments - within a single discussion are visible to all those with access to the discussion.

In the example below, you can see that the discussion is shared to the Forex telemarketing campaign Project, Management Group, Tom Penton, Julie Shrubs and Dom Benton.

You can also see that 'and 1 guest' is also mentioned. Clicking 'and 1 guest will show you a complete list of where the discussion is shared to. As you can see here, the discussion is also indirectly shared to Forex Ltd Customer as a user shared this in the thread.

From Activities view

Clicking on a Task comment icon will bring up the comments and full discussion that accompany that Task.

You will get a Feed style view of the Task. To view who has access to the Task and accompanying discussion, follow the same instructions you'll find in the 'From the Feed' section of this article. 

From the document view

If you click on a document - either from the Drive or Feed - you will be taken to the document view. Here the document fills the page of the browser. Click the Collaborate button at the top of the screen, and you will see the discussion appear on the right hand side. Using the top of the discussion you can follow the instructions found in the 'From the Feed' section of this article to view who has access to the Task and accompanying discussion.

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