Release 3.2.1 - 12/11/2013

New stuff
  • When inviting a new user to BCSocial from a group or project, they will automatically be taken to the feed of that group or project as soon as they join.
  • Tasks can be assigned to users who have been invited to the platform, but not yet joined. Start typing in the first few characters on their email address, and their name should be displayed in the task assignee window.

  • Users who have been invited to BCSocial, but have not yet joined (pending users) are now indicated as such by use of a hollow user symbol. 
  • A placeholder graphic in place of statistics will be displayed on the profile view of new groups or projects when they are created. The placeholder will be replaced with real statistics 24 hours after the first activity within the group or project takes place.

  • We now give you greater control over the configuration of online editing options for Office documents. By default you can open, edit and save Office documents back to BCSocial using Office, Google or Zoho. Our new service store module lets you switch each of these options off if required. Please view this article to learn more

  • The owner of a project can now only be changed by the current project owner or the Community Manager, if you have this module installed.
  • You can now enter the name of a project when assigning a task and this will use the project member list to populate the task recipients.
  • When sending a document to email you can now enter more than one email address recipient.

Fixed and improved stuff
  • When inviting new users from a project or group, you can now use the space bar to complete entry of one address, and add the next.
  • From the general invite page we now offer better functionality for copy and pasting multiple email addresses into the invite box.
  • The default sort order for files within the Drive is based on the date the file was modified, starting with newest first. This is inline with the default view of the majority of file systems.
  • In the project list view, the keyword filter on the right now only picks up the name of the project, to help narrow down your results.
  • Workflows are now displayed as they were pre release 3.2.
  • External users can no longer see the public link option.
  • Tagging a discussion no longer bumps the discussion to the top of the feed.
  • The Drive view is now displaying correctly for a small number of users that had an issue using Internet Explorer 9.
  • A bug impacting a small number of task reminders has been fixed.

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