Getting into the 4th Office Habit

These handy hints will help you get established in the 4th Office as quickly as possible. Be sure to share them with your team so they can benefit too.

1. Get back fast. Once you're logged into the 4th Office, add the site to your bookmarks to make it easy to get back to. Even better, make it your start page by following the instructions in this article

2. Adjust your email notifications. By default, the 4th Office will send you an email when most things happen on the platform. You can tweak these to suit your needs by following the instructions here

3. Don't miss a thing. You can get the 4th Office on the go - just download our smartphone app by following these instructions, or just log on to from your tablet browser.

4. Get cracking now! Don't wait for someone else to start things off, log into the 4th Office today and share some documents and updates rather than firing off endless emails and attachments.

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