Community Manager


The Community Manager module gives nominated administrators greater control over what is possible within their community. This includes:

  • Being the only people that can invite new Users to the community
  • Installing and configuring Service Store modules
  • Managing community templates
  • Amending any users profile page
  • Blocking Users, and changing Users from internal to external (and vice versa)
  • Administration rights to all Groups, Projects and Customers
  • The ability to appoint Administrators of Groups, Project categories and Customers
  • The ability to delete, unlock & set new owners to documents they have access to, even if they are not the owner
  • Deleting tasks set for others
  • The ability to delete the last comment from any discussion
  • Amending the official company details

Configuring Community Manager

To add a Community Manager your must navigate to Settings > General > Edit.  If you are a Community Manager then you can appoint another User as a Community Manager - it's always good to have a backup!  If you are not a Community Manager then you will not see 'Edit' instead you can navigate to this page to find out who is your Community Manager and then request to be added.  Any of the Community Managers can add a User as a Community Manager.  

Please note - if you haven't set up a Community Manager then you can navigate to the same page, Settings > General > Edit.  If there is not a Community Manager then you will see the following screen:  


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