Setting Tasks from the Feed


Two different types of Task can be set within the 4th Office:

  • Simple Tasks, for you or other users
  • Multi-stage workflow Tasks for multiple users, set against a document 

To learn more about the different types of Tasks, please view this article

Setting a simple Task within the 'My Desk' Feed

Any Tasks you set within 'My Desk' are not visible to anyone else - unless they are one of the Task assignees, or become part of the discussion after the Task has been set.

From the Comments box, click the Task button

The new Task dialogue box will appear, allowing you to enter one or more Task recipients, details about the Task and a deadline if required.

Once you create the Task it will be set, and highlighted - both to you...

... and to the Users that are assigned to it.

To understand more about how Tasks work and how you can get the most out of them, please view this article

Setting a simple Task within a Group, Project or Customer context

If you are in a Group, Project or Customer context, any Tasks you set will automatically be seen by others who have access to that context.

In the example below, you can see that Tom is already in the context of the Sales group. This means his Task will automatically be visible to all other members of the Sales group, as well as Dom who is the recipient of the Task.

Setting a Task against a discussion that already exisits

If there is a discussion already in progress, you can still set Tasks against it. This can be useful when someone has posted comments to you asking you to do something, and you want to escalate their request to a Task.

To do this, simply click 'Add Task' within the discussion header.

Then complete the Task details. In this example Tom is setting the Task for Julie as a reminder to follow up on his request.

Setting a Task against a document, or a discussion that includes a document

To set this kind of Task you must have first uploaded a document to the Feed. To see how to do this, please view this article.

When you set Tasks against a discussion that includes a document, the Tasks - complete or not - will be saved against the document. This can be especially useful for electronically approving and signing documents and keeping an audit trail of the actions. 

Once the document is uploaded, click the 'New Task' button next to it. To learn more about setting the Task against the document and the benefits of doing so, follow the instructions in this article 

Multi-stage workflow Tasks - set for multiple Users, against a document 

When setting a Task against a document, you have the option to create a workflow and set a chain of Tasks in progress. Then, once a first Task is complete, a further Task or Tasks will be created automatically. This can be especially useful if there are two or more people involved in a signoff or review process for some documentation. 

Click the 'New Task' button on the discussion that includes the document, as discussed above. From here the new Task dialogue box will open, and allow you to either set a simple Task or create a workflow if required. To see how to set the workflow, please view this article

Editing, completing, rejecting and reassigning Tasks

For more information on how to work with Tasks once they have been set, please view this article

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