Sorting, views and filters within Documents


In Documents you can choose either of two views - called Thumbnail and List. The Thumbnail view is perfect for viewing images. The List view is useful for seeing lots of documents on the screen, as well as data about them. To switch between these views, use the options highlighted in red in the screenshot below:


You can sort the documents on display within Documents in four different ways:

  • By Name
  • By Date Modified
  • By Date Created
  • By Status

For more information on how a document achieves a status, please view this article

To sort your documents, click the Sort button and make your selection. 


The filter allows you to type in the name of a User, Customer or tag to narrow down your results. In the example below, 'Forex' has been typed in. The 4th Office recognises a Customer which contains this keyword and makes it available for selection.

Once selected, the results have narrowed down to show only the documents associated with that Customer.

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