Creating a Project

Before you create a Project, we recommend you read this article to fully understand how Projects work and how they can benefit you.

To create a Project, click the Category header of the Project type you want to create.


Click 'Add'

This will bring up the basic Project creation box. From here you can name the Project, invite existing or new Users into it, and create it.

Or you can press 'Show me more options' to add more advanced information about the Project, such as dates, status and health.

For more information on advanced settings like dates, health and status, please view this article

Once created you will be taken to the Project Feed, where you can start discussions, add documents and set Tasks. All the actions you perform while in the context of the Project will be referenced against the Project. They will be visible to all members of the Project, as well as any Users or Groups the Project is shared to.

For more information on working within the Project feed, please view this article

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