Editing Microsoft Office documents using Webdav


The easiest way to open, edit and save documents directly back to the 4th Office is to use the 4th Office Edit tool. You can learn more here.

If you are unable to install the 4th Office Edit application you can use Microsoft Webdav to achieve the same functionality.  

Microsoft Office and Open Office

The following operating systems and browsers support Microsoft Webdav:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer, Version 9 or later
  • Windows: Mozilla Firefox, with the plugin attached to the footer of this article

In the Document view, click 'Edit', and copy the webdav link that is presented. Go to your Office application and select open or open URL. Paste the url into the box.

The Document will then open automatically within the Office editor. When you save the Document and close it, all changes will be saved automatically to the 4th Office.

Note: To install the Firefox plugin, please see the instructions at the end of this article.

Firefox plug-in for Windows

Please find the .XPI plug-in below

To install the Firefox plugin:

  • Click to download the .xpi file.
  • you may be prompted to open in it, in which case click yes, or you may need to go to your downloads folder and double click it.
  • You will be asked what program or application to use to open it, search for and select Firefox.
  • Follow the instructions within Firefox, which will ask for your permission to install it and then restart Firefox.
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