Email-in is a fantastic time-saving feature. It makes it really easy to get content into 4th Office, so you can start collaborating on it as seamlessly as possible. Emails can be sent to a users feed or into a Group, Project or Customer.

How it works

Each User, Group, Project or Customer has a unique Email-in address. You can store this in your email client, so it's easy to call up and forward emails into 4th Office.

Your email in address

To find your unique Email-in address, navigate to your Profile page in the My Desk view. (You can easily highlight, copy and paste this into your address book for easy use later on.)

In the example below, Julie's Email-in address would be:

Groups, Projects and Customers

Navigate to the profile page, then click edit on the right hand side.


You will find an option to enable the email in address (if one doesn't already exist). We will recommend an email address to use as default.

You can change address if required, however it must be unique within your community and you will be warned if it is not and asked to pick another.

About emails in

Any emails you send or forward to the address will appear on your Feed, or the feed of the Group, Project or Customer, ready for you to share with others if required.

In the example below, we can see an email that has been forwarded to Julie's Feed, with an attachment. Clicking '...' (just below the main content) will open the full email in the document view.

If required, you can promote the attachment to a full document within 4th Office. This will allow you to collaborate directly on it, or use it as part of a workflow or approval process. To learn how to promote an attachment, please view the second section of this article

If the body of the email you forward in is empty, the document will automatically be imported as a full document within 4th Office ready to be collaborated on.

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