Hiding Project updates from your Feed

If you would like to remain a member of a Project, but not have the discussions from it appear on your 'My Desk' Feed, you can hide all the Project updates from your Feed.
This is handy if you have an interest in the discussions within a Project, but prefer to check it when you are ready. (Rather than be updated each time someone contributes new comments, which can happen frequently in a busy group.)
Hiding a Project from your Feed
Navigate to the Feed or Profile view of the Project, and click the 'Change' button near 'Send updates to my desk'.
And select how and where do you want to get information about the project:
  • Do note update: new comments, updates, discussions and items from this Project will now not appear in your 'My Work' Feed - unless someone specifically mentions you using @ or if you initiated the original discussion.
  • Update my feed only: you will get new information about the project in your feed.
  • Update both my feed and Inbox: all new information will be shown also in your inbox.
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